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         Her current emphasis is on the narrative and its vital importance in advancing women's social roles through the imaginative magic of cinematic storytelling. In the vane of NO FUTURE WITHOUT A PAST, Ariel seeks to bring her own independent works, that of her colleague Sheila Paige, and those of the community women they taught before contemporary audiences. These were the early Women Make Movies productions, now almost lost. These

 stories resonate today with both young and old.

With your help in screenings before the public

and university students and scholars this

incredible legacy of early feminist

community filmmaking can

again come alive.


An advocate for #MediaJustice, 

a diversity of voices and inclusion of all peoples on all size screens

Ariel plants media idea seeds.

                                     She delights and informs audiences about the joys and perils of feminist filmmaking in the 1970s and now. 



WOMEN'S HAPPY TIME COMMUNE  (47m, 1972, color)

       director, Sheila Paige          The First Feminist Western !

SWEET BANANAS  (32m, 1973, color) director, Ariel Dougherty

            "characters hold a vibracy that spill out of each celluloid frame" -- Che Grayson 


                         Ariel lectures on a wide range of feminist media from works of the1970s to girl
filmmaking in the early1970s to now. Media Rights and feminist media policy are particular concerns. 
Community Stories
Wishful Narratives
Curate a Screening or Series

Ask ARIEL to design a unique program around your community needs 


A broad array of titles can be drawn from that range from 1960s and 1970s community workshops, the Women Make Movies teaching films and girl movies of today.  Any combination will 

make a compelling program. 


Fees :  Vary according to circumstances. Generally fees cover an honorarium, film rental & travel expenses


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