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CURRENT: A Book       

“Give girls movie cameras to create their own visions & they        will change the world.”  

         So, begins the book





    a book in progress


      The images of girls and women in mainstream, corporate media are largely demeaning, devoid of voice, and too often hyper-sexualized.  Who better to create empowering imagery and stories about real lives and visions  that instill a just world, but girls and women themselves.       

      Ariel brings to life the stories of 24 contemporary girl-centered film teaching programs. She places them in an historical continuum of community-based film teaching workshops of the 1960s and 1970s, especially the feminist media teaching programs of Women Make Movies, Woman's Building and Women's Interarts Center.


      From this examination and historical overview Ariel builds on feminist film theory and highlights the necessity of crafting and enacting feminist public media policies.The book maps how the critical tool of a camera in the hands of girls can transform society.

A sponsored project of Sierra County Arts Council (#85-0436041)

Donations are welcomed! 

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