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News has now filtered out that the large petrochemical and pharmacy companies Syngenta and Bayer have known since early field trials that their products do in fact cause serious harm to honeybees. The British publication, The Guardian, reported on this September 22, 2016.

Like the tobacco industry years ago lied about cigarettes causing cancer, such misrepresentation of facts and harm to the public present no concern to these mega-corporations whose only ogling is their bottom line. Profits over people.

The problem here though is potentially dire, effecting these vital, although small, workers. Bees and their fellow insects species pollinate three-quarters of the world's food crops. According to The Guardian these foods have already been seriously impacted by the loss of flower-rich habitats, disease and the use of pesticides.

The only reason the undisclosed information is now public is due to Freedom of Information Requests made and obtained by Greenpeace to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The studies show that high doses of both Syngenta's thiamethoxam and Bayer's clithianidin have servere effects on bee colonies. The companies have lied about these effects. They cloud their lies with claims that the studies “are not like field conditions.”

The cocktail mix of all these pesticides and pollutants is also a huge danger. We can all see that.

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