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Feminist Elsewheres is happening in Berlin NOV 7 -12, 2023

Fifty years ago I was in Berlin for Frauen und FilmSeminar. This event back in 1973 was organized by Helke Sander and Claudia von Alemann. I hand carried dozens of US women directed films and videos to Berlin. I was the sole US filmmaker in attendance. I went representing Women Make Movies, the organization I had co-founded with Sheila Paige, (officially) only a year earlier. This is me speaking in one of the sessions:

photo: Abisag.Tullmann

Five women, Arisa Purkpong, Sophie Holzberger, Charlotte Eitelbach, Fiona Berg and Elena Baumeister, have come together today to organized a celebration of the event of fifty years ago, but also to have a cross generational discussion about feminist media making. I will be in attendance.

One of the gems -- and there are many -- of Feminists Elsewheres will be the presentation of a fifteen minute clip from a film -- still in the making with its sound newly found -- shot at Frauen und Film in 1973. Norwegian filmmaker Vibeke Lokkeberg will be present to show a portion of footage she shot fifty years ago, and was 'lost'. I m not sure of the content of the segment to be shown. But I am featured in the promotional image for the screening. Here I am being interviewed by Lokkeberg. Read more about this special screening here.

This time Sheila Paige will be attending too. Her mini feature, the Women's Happy Time Commune, is one of only a handful of films shown in 1973 to be re-screened for Feminist Elsewheres. Fortunately, this time it will have German subtitles making it intelligible for both German and English speaking audiences. In 1973 the highly rambunctious feminist dialogue made for a very tough simultaneous translation!!


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