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A gorgeous film, BONE WIND FIRE, was placed in my Facebook news this past week by Sophie Mayer (author, Political Animals). Director, Jill Sharpe and her crew, including the spectacular camera work by Sylvaine Dufaux have unfolded a stunning visual treat, rare in the general cinema world. Shaped around the letters of three larger than life 20th century artists -- Georgia O’Keeffe, Emily Carr and Frida Kahlo -- not only these artists works but their words of joy, frustration and mis-treatment come into a powerful play of visualization. There were so many moments of magical rendering. The gallery scenes are especially poignant dealing with the enormously complicated reception of women painters who worked on the edge.

It is a must watch film by feminists, artists, cinenthusiast, and film studies students. Especially for women film students if you have any trouble sharing this film will fellow students and there are complaints about "the cannon". Convey that "the cannon" is simply one other male-construct. BONE WIND FIRE gives us a wonderful view on how to upside-down traditional teachings.

(above, screen shot from BONE WIND FIRE)

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