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Seeing Is Believing: Women Direct by Cady McClain

Still frame of animation created by Xaviera Lopez for SEEING IS BELIEVING: Women Direct

The 3+ minute pitch starts with crisp, whimsical animated line drawings by Xaviera Lopez. Then in motion Cady McClain comes to a doorway to tell us about her film. She's traveled the globe to document 40 women directors stories, because when she started out she looked for other women directors, “and I didn't see that many”. Sarah Gravon, director of SUFFRAGETTE, affirms, “There is such a thing as the female lens.” Lively, forthright and engaging, McClain rocks to give viewers a powerful story of the multifaceted visions and imagery of women who are contemporary directors. Some producers, too, elevate the story from their critical positions of gathering the finances.

Cady's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign has lingered on my computer for maybe ten days now. When I first linked to it, it was at about $28k. She was on an extended campaign, which I thought curious. Crowdfunding is a boom for feminist filmmakers (all independents, really), allowing us to remain in charge of our own productions. I have written about its benefits.* Usually I have found short 28 day campaigns best, to keep momentum going. But I see here with Cady's program the slow and steady approach is very effective. She is now at $35,507 or 71% of her goal of $50,000.

Today I have contributed my modest amount. I wish it could be more. Like the $100,000 single contribution I was able to garner as a producer for Lynn Hershman's WOMEN ART REVOLUTION. Or my simulating Abigail Disney to connect with Diana Whitten, director of VESSEL. Abigail became that film's Executive Producer. One never knows who is out there and can step up to the plate in supporting women directed works. But collectively our modest contributions actually do make the difference. We can all participate in green lighting the films we want to see. Believing is also seeing.

Happy Birthday, Cady!

* partial article, original link at On The Issues is broken.

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